Friday, July 3, 2009

Approaching 6 months

How it is possible that Oliva is almost 6 months already? It's just amazing how fast the time goes. Everybody said it would and I always said, I know it will. I'm trying to soak up every minute. So why am I surprised it went by so fast?

We are working on getting her crib trained. We've been working on it for about a week. It's hard to keep her in there, especially when she is up every 2 hours eating. Once 2:00 rolls around it's a challenge to stay awake enough to get her back to the crib. We are both half asleep at that point. Staying in bed is just so much easier! It doesn't help that Josh doesn't get home until after 2:30 and isn't in bed until after 4:00. Olivia gets her side of the bed, I get mine. It seems weird to say that this is a success, but we actually got her to cry her self asleep for her early evening nap. Josh said he was proud of me, but whew! it was hard!

Why didn't anyone tell me that making my own baby food would be so fun? Too bad my baby food motivation can't be carried over into the rest of the house.

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