Sunday, August 2, 2009

Scooter Bug

It makes me so happy that Olivia starts to scoot after me when I leave the room. I don't see her doing that for Dad. Then again he's not her food source. I'll sit on the floor with her and she's torn between scooting over to my lap or playing with her toys. My lap usually wins out. She hasn't mastered how to actually get on it though. Usually I just get her popsicle hands on my feet and legs.

Again she was the life of the party yesterday. She just loves to be the center of attention. We had a little family reunion of Josh's to go to. Lots of cousins that Josh hasn't seen in many, many years.

Last week we bought an Ergo baby carrier. Why did we need it exactly? Because it was oh so comfy and Josh will actually use it! Anything to give me a little break. I've heard such great things about it too. I was worried it was too much of an impulse buy and was starting to have second thoughts about spending that much money on another carrier. Yesterday was proof that it was a good choice. Josh was wearing her and she fell to sleep while he was sitting down. If I'm wearing her I have to walk in circles for it seems like forever before she falls asleep. Then he got hot and his butt fell asleep, took her off and of course she woke up. But a little nap is better than no nap. I was kind of jealous though. She's supposed to sleep on me! I got stuck carrying the camera...our other baby.